divendres, 28 de març de 2014


On Wednesday  12th  of  March  the  Fifth Grade Class traveled to Olot by bus with our teachers Ramona and Ceci. We stayed on a Camp at Torre Malagrida Youth  Hostel to study  the volcanoes.
We stayed there for two nights and three days. Our Camp monitors were Neus,Sussanna and Joana. They were very kind.
First we went to the Montsacopa volcano. We played a lot!!!
After that we visited the town center and we saw some interesting buildings.
In the evening we had dinner and we watched a film. We ate popcorns!
Finally we went to sleep...
The next day we went to visit the Croscat and 
Sta. Margarida volcanoes. We walked a lot but it was very interesting and beautiful. The landscape was fanthastic!
Then we had lunch in a restaurant called Can Xel and... it was delicious!
In the afternoon we walked to "La Fageda d'en Jordà" and we visited it. The trees were great!
After that we returned to the Youth Hostel and we had dinner. In the evening we had a great party. We played and danced all the time!
Later we went to bed... we were very tired!
Last day we went to Sant Joan les Fonts by bus. we visited the lava flows. Then we went to Castellfollit de la Roca to visit another two lava flows. It was so high and breathtaking.
After two hours we returned to the Youth Hostel and we had lunch.
We played a lot in the garden and finally we return to our school by bus.
It was amazing and great!!!

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